How to promote foreign trade websites overseas?

The website is equivalent to the house number in the Internet. If you don’t have your own website in e-commerce, then you are really OUT. Once we have our own website, then promotion becomes particularly important. Especially for foreign trade friends, the overseas promotion of the website is likely to be daily work. Generally speaking, overseas promotion techniques for foreign trade websites mainly include B2B platforms, email marketing, international exhibitions, yellow pages catalogs, industry platforms, merchant communities, etc.;

Many foreign trade companies tend to promote overseas through B2B, but countless facts have proved that not any product is suitable for B2B platforms; in addition, the effect of passive promotion is difficult to grasp by itself, homogeneity competition is serious, and mutual price reduction leads to lower profits. Many foreign trade companies that rely solely on B2B platforms for overseas promotion have gradually declined or even closed down.

As for email marketing, the proliferation of spam has threatened the bottom line of business trust. The method of collecting emails from foreign buyers is really a thankless approach.

I will not analyze the other overseas promotion techniques of foreign trade websites one by one. Here I will mainly talk about the most popular and efficient way of overseas promotion of websites: SEO search engine marketing.

According to statistics, more than 85% of foreign netizens choose to use search engines to find information; overseas businessmen know that Google is far more than alibaba; search engine marketing also has low cost, active marketing, accurate targets, predictable and stable effects And other advantages.

Today, the editor will focus on how to carry out efficient foreign trade promotion through SEO:

Overseas promotion through SEO should pay attention to both internal and external repairs, and definitely not only focus on keyword ranking; focus on conversion rate and improve effectiveness. To improve effectiveness, one must grasp the particularity of English websites.

First, prefer foreign domain names and hosting providers. The target customer’s browsing speed, DNS resolution, and export bandwidth restrictions will all kill a website. In fact, foreign domain name space is not expensive at all, and some people are afraid of trouble. If targeting different country markets, it is recommended to use country domain names, such as .ca .com .au, but generally not recommended for .us

Second, the website page design must conform to the browsing habits of foreign users. Europe and the United States advocate simple, individual, and rigorous page styles. You can refer to Facebook.

Third, content standardization. The most basic requirement is that there are no grammatical errors and misspellings of words, quit Chinese-style English, integrate into the context, do not make the same thing, and the content should be substantial and not cumbersome.

Fourth, website trust. In fact, the first two points are already included in the trustworthiness, and here is a special mention to pay attention to several description pages, such as: about us, FAQ, etc.

Fifth, have copyright awareness. Foreigners have a strong sense of copyright protection. If you wantonly infringe (pirate articles) or infringe on the interests of brand trademarks, you will be warned or punished to a certain extent (server space is closed). So, if conditions permit, hire a lawyer who understands the website abroad.

Applying these five points to your foreign trade website, you can basically gain something, and the effect is obvious. But some people are also worried, how can Chinese SEO be transformed to English SEO? In other words, where is the difficulty of English SEO?

-Language differentiation (solution: learning English is the foundation)

-Poor original content (solution: good at imitating and innovating)

-Mining of high-quality English resources (solution: continuous accumulation and exploration)

-Way of thinking (solution: go deep into the hinterland of the English site)

If you can make a breakthrough from these four points, you should be able to deeply understand the essence of English SEO, your overseas promotion strategy and ideas will also be sublimated, and the efficiency will be doubled.

In short, details determine success or failure, attitude determines height; business opportunities are everywhere, and innovation helps you win.

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