B21 Invest, providing a more convenient channel for crypto asset investors

Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies have recently attracted the attention of investors all over the world. In addition to people’s recognition of blockchain technology and worries about traditional financial institutions such as banks, the reasons also include the generous returns brought by cryptocurrency. In 2019, Bitcoin’s annual return rate reached 94.57%, becoming the best performing asset class in the market. In 2020, Bitcoin has risen 400% from US$3,800 in 312 to US$19,000 today. It is still the best investment asset of the year.

But there is a huge education and information gap in the cryptocurrency market. Inexperienced investors need to sort out all kinds of complex and messy information on the Internet and learn how to invest in cryptocurrencies, which undoubtedly hinders their investment. Therefore, it is especially important for investors to choose a platform that is simple to operate, easy to invest, and user-friendly. Below, we will introduce B21 Invest as an example.

Fresh and simple, easy to start cryptocurrency investment

B21 Invest is the latest application launched by the crypto asset investment company B21. Users can easily purchase and manage cryptocurrency investment portfolios including Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS directly from their mobile phones. The program can be searched and downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, and the method of use is also very simple. B21 Invest supports English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Russian and other languages. Users can register directly via email and mobile phone number, fill in any documents such as driver’s license, ID card, passport, etc. to complete KYC, bind bank cards, and currently support ACH , Bank wire transfer, UPI in India, available in 65 countries/regions (including the United States). The entire UI design of B21 Invest is also very fresh and simple, without any fancy advertising banner, currency promotion, interference push and other information.


Flexible funds, easy to use and invest in cryptocurrency

B21 has applied for a custody license in accordance with relevant laws, including protecting client assets, isolating client and company funds, maintaining stable and accurate transaction records, and storing client funds. By acting as an administrator, all the company’s data will be transparently published on the EOS blockchain. Therefore, there is no need for users to create accounts in various currencies, mnemonics, fund passwords, etc., saving tedious steps. Only $25 can start the investment path, create a portfolio-transfer investment-adjust positions-monitor income-withdraw cash, B21 Invest reduces the difficulty of buying cryptocurrency from the professional level to the convenience store Shopping is the same as daily, eliminating complicated links such as viewing K-line, selecting merchants, placing orders, and multiple confirmations.


And B21 Invest also supports users to make convenient payments through B21 payment cards and cryptocurrency balances. At present, B21 payment cards are divided into two types: MasterCard (virtual card) and Visa (black card and gold card).


Product genes, bringing innovative spirit and humanized applications

The founder of B21 brought the genes of technological innovation and application into the product from the very beginning. Co-founder Miles Paschini holds seven patents, and Nitin Agarwal is an expert in financial technology and encryption products. They have completed the invention of crypto debit cards and have been recognized by millions of users in more than 70 countries. The B21 Invest team has professional encryption technology, finance, business, and promotion experience, and has invited Michael Terpin (Transform Group CEO), Brock Pierce (co-founder of EOS Alliance) and other industry top experts as consultants.

B21 first created B21Life. The application avoids responsible tutorials and controversial opinions, and directly provides users with popular courses and selected news and news, which promotes public awareness. B21 Invest eliminates the complexity of crypto investment, allowing ordinary investors to create a variety of crypto asset portfolios and apply them easily. The future vision of B21 does not stop there. In the future, more complex assets will be brought to the public, including NFT, DeFi, IRA, real estate, stocks, precious metals, funds, pensions, etc. For example, for Defi, B21 Invest will integrate UNISWAP, Compound, Curve and many other platforms. One program manages all your Defi investments, and users’ investment and income will be much easier.


Introduction to platform currency

The B21 token of the same name is the only form of settlement between the B21 platform and users in the B21 ecosystem. The token can be used to settle fees, and to incentivize and reward platform recommendations, participation, and qualification for quality services. The total amount of B21 Token is 500 million, and the distribution is as follows. The team holds 10% (unlocked in 4 years), platform operation, market operation, and business development each hold 10%, ecosystem construction 20%, and seed round 15% (already Sold), private placement 25% (Private placement is in progress, the unsold part will be destroyed).


The future investment and asset management methods must be more convenient, humane and innovative. “Cryptocurrency and decentralized systems are at the forefront of the next major technological advancement in human history, and are also the cornerstone of Web 3.0. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain systems have not yet reached their full potential. We very much hope to help the mass market enter these attractive Investment field.” This is the vision of Nitin Agarwal, the founder and director of B21.

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