Alibaba International Station doubled the actual transaction volume of all platforms last year

In the early stage of the outbreak of the covid-19 pneumonia epidemic in 2020, international large-scale exhibitions have been suspended one after another, which has had a great impact on traditional foreign trade models and corporate operations. Alibaba International Station observes that since the epidemic has spread for more than a year, most companies around the world have recognized the importance of deploying crypto foreign trade and investing in crypto transformation. Alibaba International Station will increase the actual transaction volume of all platforms by 101% annually in 2020, and many Taiwanese companies have used back-end data to mine global foreign trade trends, and their performance has not decreased but increased despite the epidemic.

From the leadership conference held on Alibaba International Station in December last year, it was observed that not only small and medium-sized enterprises are actively introducing cryptoization as an important strategy for corporate transformation, but even well-known and large companies have begun to develop crypto foreign trade. In 2020, the number of buyers on the Alibaba International Station platform will increase by 100% annually, which proves that the impact of crypto foreign trade is not limited to enterprises, but covers the overall change of both buyers and sellers.

Companies need a large number of talents on the way to crypto transformation to support the transition period. Alibaba International Station continues to promote talent training programs to help inspire companies that have just transformed or have not yet transformed. In January of this year, the selection of the 2021 “Cross-border E-commerce Talent Contest” started, and cross-border foreign trade experts and outstanding local companies will form the “strongest mentor group”.

Alibaba International Station pointed out that the “Cross-border E-commerce Talent Competition” is the best stage for Taiwanese export companies to show their foreign trade strength and the effectiveness of crypto transformation, and it is also an important learning occasion for companies to exchange ideas on the way to crypto foreign trade transformation. This year, we have specially invited representatives of companies that have achieved staged success in crypto foreign trade on the Alibaba international platform to form the “strongest mentor group” to help other Taiwanese merchants become e-commerce experts with their accumulated experience. We look forward to more Taiwan’s excellent products continue to be cryptoized The platform is sold all over the world.

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