Why did Jack Ma suddenly quit Alibaba?

Why did Jack Ma suddenly quit Alibaba? How to interpret

First of all, Jack Ma is really amazing! Money is also made, self-promotion, is also first-class among the top rich, even better than the money he made!

From his previous remarks, it may be possible to guess that he has been under official pressure. He has left Alibaba. Now he has entered the United Nations to get a name. It is a change of his own. It is estimated that changing his nationality must be necessary. I just don’t know that the money he earns in the future will pay taxes to that country, so I am confused. However, in his opinion, Jack Ma, only looking at the world outside of China is the direction of his future development! With his eloquence, even if he changed his nationality, he would always call himself Chinese. As for Alibaba, he has never given up. He founded it by himself, and he won’t lose resources if he loses his position!


Secondly, Jack Ma is not completely withdrawing from Alibaba. He has always been the founder of Alibaba. When he was seeking success and fame, he decided to retreat to the second line. This is his genius. Jack Ma’s position and prestige in Alibaba cannot be challenged by anyone within the foreseeable 50 years. After Jack Ma retires to the second line in Alibaba, he has a greater responsibility for global deployment. On the premise of fully promoting Alibaba, more Looking forward to the glory of his life is to do charity and education. This is Ma Yun’s life plan for the second half of his life. Doing this career merits thousands of years and will live longer than in Alibaba. I can firmly say that in the long history, Ali is likely to be gone for more than a hundred years. The global philanthropy that Jack Ma is doing, education can last forever, do you think Jack Ma is smart? ?

In the end, Jack Ma retired to the second line when he was successful internally; externally, he was in several positions in the United Nations. The most important one was the chairperson of a high-level panel on global cooperation appointed by the United Nations recently. The global crypto cooperation has an impact on a large scale, setting a model for the sincere unity and common development of our country and all countries in the world!

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