Opinion: What is underestimated?

I have been thinking about a question, what is underestimated?

For judging whether a thing is underestimated, there are a thousand standards for a thousand people, so what is my standard?

Angel investment , especially early investment in the blockchain field, is especially important, because our attention is very limited, so the things that can go to HODL are also very limited. Sometimes our distracted attention is like a dandelion, which cannot be recovered as the wind blows away. People are chased by the market every day, sighing that they missed this and not grasping the other, and looked at the person who ate grapes because of good luck, hoping to be his shadow (rather than being himself). But in fact, our attention should be like a funnel. We distract them to leave something in our bowl.

I often think, if all the artificial signals (such as the listing of xxx exchanges , which will become the artificial good/empty of various news events) are erased, what do I think about a thing/an idea/a project? ? This may be my criterion for judging that something is underestimated.

I try to observe what I have a natural affection and interest in.

Degree of decentralization

Frankly speaking, when I first came into contact with the word decentralization, there was nothing special about it. Does it matter how many people support a project? Should the number of people be as large as possible, or should there be more large institutions that can promote events?

Dong Baozhen said in the book “The Great Game of Moutai”,

Institutional investors are even more irrational than retail investors.

I think this is very possible, because institutions will carry out asset custody, they will not spend a lot of time to learn and understand this thing from scratch, they are most concerned about security and the character of the custodian. Therefore, they will entrust their assets to 21 square, coinbase, buy ETFs and so on. Plainly the emergence of these intermediary service only to R & lt EN S HA Q Ian D UO mechanism.

Put aside the uncontrollable factor of “funds” (because the fact is that you can do as much work as you have). A truly decentralized system will enable every new entry, whether it is an ordinary person or an ordinary organization, to stand on the same starting line. This system cannot tolerate any one person or organization earning excess profits. The factors that determine how far you can go will not be capital, poor information, tall, short and thin, but perseverance and persistence.


The final hard asset competition is how many people hold (HODL), not how useful it is. Such assets are only gold and Bitcoin in history. Gold is a product of the hegemony of the US dollar, and Bitcoin is a product of resistance to the hegemony of the US dollar.

If you observe in either case, where does the value flow?

  • In times of prosperity, chase the ceiling
  • In times of crisis, liquidity hedging

If there is something that can capture the value of “more” or “less” under any circumstances, Bitcoin can only be regarded as better. Why say better instead of best? Because its price was severely discounted to more than US$3,000 during the liquidity crisis, not many people could accept it at that time, thinking that it was just like any other asset  (in the financial sector, who is not).

But it was exactly that time, for some HODLer, the most promising time, it was further “decentralized” at that time.

Someone asked naval before:

When bitcoin to the moon?

“When people lose hope”

Therefore, if I only choose a standard that I consider fairness and justice in my mind, I will choose the degree of decentralization:  how many people have it, can have it, and how many people choose to hold it.

  • Capability of ownership
  • Willing of ownership (choose HODL)

Anything that survives the test of time, the more likely he will continue to keep it.

——Recurring Lindy effect


Let’s talk about another kind of special decentralized currency : an interesting joke.


Card Author: @prodologue

The MEME temperament of Dogecoin has recently returned to people’s attention due to Elon Musk’s continued endorsement, and also the natural harmless firewood. In addition to buying some $DOGE as toys for his baby, Musk also bluntly stated on Twitter that he would help Dogecoin to further “decentralize.”


Musk’s tweet: Giant whale, please come out, let me help you get to the center

In addition, he made an interesting prediction during the live broadcast at clubhouse: Dogecoin may become the currency of the future.

I have no opinion on other cryptocurrencies. I’m joking with Dogecoin because this currency is treated as a joke…

But Fate loves irony.

Billy, the founder of Dogecoin, wrote on the Reddit forum that he created dogs to bring “positive energy” to the world. It has no practical use, just like emoticons can convey empathy, and narrow the distance between people through the needless but precise expression, it belongs to everyone, no one can control it. No one has the need and motivation to control it.


Because it’s useless.

How valuable is such a thing? I suddenly have some thoughts:

  • idea 1: Start a regular investment of Dogecoin, and then give it to others as a gift. No gifts are given on New Years and holidays. Gifts are only Dogecoins.

  • idea 2: Every month the fan rewards of Fat Garage will be converted into Dogecoin. Put to #[[🌕 Fungi’s fund]] 囤着

Why choose $DOGE?

Because of Musk’s supply, it has survived several years of development with the world’s 14th market value, the cultural originator of crypto meme…?

Well, just because it’s cute, harmless and cheap🐶.

Joy, kindness, learning, giving, empathy, jokes, fun, fun, inspiration, creativity… It may be the most representative of the culture of reward, the spirit of entertainment, the power of charity, a kind of fearlessness, inaction, And it doesn’t matter. I really want to see what this “decentralized power” will look like.


There are currently 3.2 million coin holding addresses, *dont forget this is a joke;)

I think both the partners I collaborate with and the readers of Fat Garage let me see these things.

At a certain moment, I hope that Fat Garage can be used as a dog branch in a corner of the world (although I have a cat named Biter   , let’s go to my  family), and use Dogecoin as the garage inventory currency.

Perhaps every independent author can do this and set up a dog fund (replace the rewarded 💰 with a dog dog) to collect positive energy in each community, and perhaps give back to people in need at some point in the future .

If the community reflects these things, it is the true value of Dogecoin.


Meow Family (Since the release of the video game Mass Effect 2 in 2010, characters with glowing eyes have been widely used in the form of meme. In the game, when enemies are controlled by another entity, their eyes will glow yellow. Then people used PS technology to add the title “Controlled” to this type of picture, and a meme was born.)

Therefore, whether it is Bitcoin or Dogecoin or any one that will appear in the future, a decentralized system will make every new entry, whether it is ordinary people, big coffee people, ordinary institutions, or big coffee institutions. , Able to stand on the same starting line. I like Liu Jiaolian ‘s analogy: Bitcoin has the inherent power to fight wealth concentration, and it will be more valuable only if more people have it.

Finally, Ao has to declare that this article is  financial advice. The entire 20 yuan 1f436.svg_ is given to friends to let them understand a kind of  cryptocurrency ” that transmits positive energy , not to lose!

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