Market analysis: the market has entered a “cooling off period” again, waiting for the next feast

From a complex point of view, the trend of BTC is mixed with too many factors, macroeconomic aspects, including monetary policy , fiscal policy, development of science and technology, market sentiment and psychology, etc.

To put it simply, the market has formed a consensus on the theory of BTC crypto gold. This consensus has been repeatedly strengthened in the rising BTC trend, so that Musk’s profit from buying BTC actually exceeds Tesla’s Corporate profits.

In general the investment ‘s opinion, this is a huge bubble and risk points, because BTC is in addition to a string of illusory power consumption count crypto code, the other seems to be no further use.

But BTC’s accounting method and computing power anchoring are also the real “energy foundation” of the future technological revolution . This “energy foundation” is like the oil and natural gas in the traditional world today, and is the foundation that supports the normal operation of the entire world. . It is not only the opposite of currency, but also the ballast stone of the technological revolution.

The first-dimensional view at this stage is that as long as the legal currency continues to be overissued and depreciated, the rise of BTC will never end . As for the second-dimensional view of the “energy basis” of the technological revolution, I will write about it later when I have time.

The technical judgment of BTC will not be written. There is really nothing to write. At this stage, people who buy will not look at the technology, and those who look at the technical side will not buy.

ETHMarket analysis

Why ETH has been hovering underwater in 2000 during this period is because the momentum of this new ecological battle in DeFi has beenBinanceExceeded, so that the new funds were robbed of the limelight by the Binance Ecological Smart Chain , so ETH temporarily appeared some funds for blood draw phenomenon, resulting in a relatively sluggish trend. It is a pity that even BTC has not run.

So much so that V God has come out to acid Binance’s “DeFi is not decentralized.” From this situation, we once again verified that we judged that DeFi applications were actually driven by the number of market users, rather than mechanisms .

Because the current situation is that the technology of the blockchain in the DeFi application has not been completely resolved, and it will take time. This is also the reason for the current low alpha attribute of ETH , so we will short-term ETH into a configuration attribute currency instead of a super allocation currency .


But the long-term fundamentals of ETH is definitely better than Binance. Binance has the best user base in the world, but ETH is currently the best application public chain in the blockchain world . Once the technology is solved, good projects still need Rely on the support of Ethereum to move towards a better development direction.

LTC/BCH/XRP/EOSMarket analysis

Today I will focus on BCH. Let’s take a look at the news, “BCH has added a large number of on-chain transactions in recent months, and the number of transactions has even exceeded BTC. Transactions come from two important applications: and Andyhedge. It has brought a large number of new users to BCH, and Andyhedge has locked a large number of BCH in the smart contract .”

Why can BCH lead the four dragons to rise recently? The core is still the fundamentals at work, but why did it release news at this time that the fundamentals of BCH have changed? Obviously, cryptocurrency is still an era of Zhuangzi .

Including the core of LTC’s rise is still a large number of coins in the hands of miners. They need to exchange market value management for greater liquidity. Only liquidity can revitalize assets and turn immobile assets into better liquidity. asset.

So everyone needs to understand why different asset classes do completely different things.

DOT/KSM market analysis

After DOT increased its volume at around 40, it reshuffled the platform again. It seemed that the stomach was holding back the last bad energy, waiting for the good news to cooperate again and carry out another round of lifting.

Card slot! Card slot! Card slot! After the call of the card slot, what else can match the trend of DOT? If not, should DOT cash out and look for opportunities in other targets? If there are too many people thinking this way? What would it be like? The emergence of disagreements, from the rise of consensus to the emergence of disagreements, and the realization of a consensus that fell sharply again. This is a matter of time. Should we be the masters of time?

Are you the master of time?

DeFi sector

Opportunity: Pay attention to the Heco ecology. BSC has already played for a round. Heco will not let it go for so long. Those who miss BSC will automatically join Heco. This is the psychology of the market, and the specific target will not be mentioned .

Market analysis completed at 2021.02.22 09:30

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