Goldman Sachs once again invested in a blockchain-based services company. What is the reason behind it?

Goldman Sachs continued to double its bet on the field of crypto assets. In April of this year, as a banking institution, Goldman Sachs allowed its high-net-worth clients to invest in Bitcoin-based investment products, restarted its crypto trading department, and has been open to this asset class.

Now, Goldman Sachs has participated in a $28 million Series A investment by blockchain infrastructure provider Blockdaemon. This round of investment was participated by Greenspring Associate, BlockFi, Support, Voyager Digital, Illuminate Financial, Goldman Sachs and others.

Blockdaemon has achieved significant growth in the past year, with a valuation of $5 billion. By the end of 2021, the company is expected to be valued at US$50 billion, and their products provide leverage options for more than 25 million registered users.


During the same period, Blockdaemon has deployed more than 10,000 nodes in 40 blockchain-based networks. These nodes are distributed in more than 20 regions around the world . In addition, the company has expanded its grassroots staff to improve its business.

According to the press release, the success of this round of financing shows the need for institutions to enter the ” secure blockchain infrastructure”. The company’s goal is to “revitalize” the legacy financial system and its services.

Konstantin Richter, CEO and founder of Blockdaemon, said:

“For Blockdaemon, this funding is an important milestone. With the investment of industry-leading financial technology providers and venture capital companies, this round of financing will enable us to further expand our node infrastructure services and increase our growing Strengthen our team and strengthen our presence in global emerging markets, while deepening our existing strategic relationships with global financial institutions.”

Richter added that Blockdaemon provides its customers with a “simplified” gateway into the blockchain industry and provides “scalable operations” tools, which Goldman Sachs may be particularly interested in .


Goldman Sachs is betting that crypto assets can become mainstream, and Blockdaemon allows its institutional clients such as Goldman Sachs to hold and deploy nodes. The company provides secure, scalable and “reliable” services.

By acquiring them, the company can enter the beacon chain of Ethereum (Eth 2.0), Bitcoin and its Lightning Network, Cardano,Polkadot,CosmosAnd many other companies. These services are provided through the cloud and the Blockdaemon marketplace.

Oli Harris, Head of Digital Assets at Goldman Sachs North America, added: “ Blockchain is a key driver of innovation in the financial services industry, and Blockdaemon is powering its infrastructure. We are happy to join them as they continue to provide Its people provide institutional-level blockchain technology .”

Banking institutions also invested in crypto research company CoinMetrics. Goldman Sachs led its $15 million Series B financing in May. At the time, Mathew McDermott, head of global crypto assets at the World Bank, said that data is vital to mainstream encryption applications.

As of now, the transaction price of Bitcoin is $33,500. The crypto by market capitalization currency after losing key support of $ 35,000, in the past day experienced great fluctuations. At present, this level has turned into a resistance level, atBTCThe price needs to be recovered before it resumes its bullish momentum.

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