HOW TO BUY 🚀DOITCoin🚀 on Pancakeswap 🥞 (Trustwallet)

Do you know how to buy @doitcoin on @PancakeSwap ?
If you don’t, here’s a video that can help you DOIT🚀🚀

Ladies and Gentleman

DoitCoin is a DeFi Utility Token deployed on the Binance Smart Chain :⛓

The DoitCoin team goal is to create a MarketPlace where you can buy/sell products and services using their token $DOIT as a medium of Exchange. Much more like Ebay but with Crypto. They are working on releasing an APP for iOS e Android.

The project seems interesting because it is the FIRST of its type – being pushed by a strong and fast growing community.

Team of Devs are about to be doxxed in the next few week – since it’s part of their plan to do this in the right time.

The community is very big and around the world, there are already 4 different Telegram group for 4 different languages (German, Spanish, Indonesian, English)



Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 (100%)

Token Burned: 500,000,000,000,000 (50%)

There’s a 10% Fee applied to each Transaction which is redistributed:

– 5% to all the Token Holders

– 3% Token Burn

– 2% Automatically Added to Liquidity

The longer you HODL DOITCoin the more coins you gain for FREE by market transactions.


Current Situation:

– Marketing ongoing (TikTok Influencer + Youtuber)

– PooCoin Ads (Just Launched)

– Listed in CoinHunt and CoinSniper

– Applied for CMC and CoinGecko


Much more to come, I’m sure this is a brilliant project. DYOR anyway.

🌐 Website:

💌 Telegram:

🥞 Buy it on PancakeSwap:

📑 Contract Address: 0xd4c71445950c622577da4c77c59b175134536bde

📈 Charts:

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