The SEGUE O GRAPHIC chart is intended to show and update, in an uncomplicated way, how the daily movement of the main Cryptocurrencies was and what we can expect from them for the next few days! 00:00​​​​​​​​​​​​ – INTRODUCTION 01:02 – BITCOIN (BTC) 08:18 – POLKADOT (DOT) 12:36 ​​​​​​ – ELROND GOLD (EGLD) 13: 45 – SOLANA (SOL) 14:40​​​​ – CLOSING *DISCLAIMER This content is for educational purposes only. The information presented is not and should not be considered as any kind of investment recommendation or advice. Nothing in this content constitutes a solicitation, recommendation, advice, referral, promotion, endorsement or offer of any financial product, investment, asset, particular security, strategy or transaction. Remember that past asset profitability and volatility performance does not indicate or guarantee future profitability and volatility behavior; that results may vary substantially. .

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