PokeMoon on Binance Smart Chain (An Honest Review) BSC Possible 100x Gem Series – June 2021


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  1. Elon is playing with the system. No other way to cut it. Does anyone really think that a wealthy businessman like Elon would risk investing BILLIONS in Bitcoin without first doing the research and knowing how much energy Bitcoin mining is using? I'm calling bull because no, he wouldn't have. He already knew it. Two things, if power consumption was an issue he would leave Tesla because if only 30% of the country drove Tesla it would put more energy pressure on the power grid than mining Bitcoin. I feel there are more to this mar ket than we know. Ask for a proper guidance before inv esting in this pretty much complicated mar ket. I've made over 9 b tc from an allocation of 3 b tc over the last 6 months using Thomas Patrick Christopher help. Things might get worse so just make the smarter move. His te legram

  2. LETS FUCKING GO!!! $POKEMOON TO THE MOON! not even two days old and is steadily growing charts look super healthy and is bound to hit x100! Let’s make this a reality

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