Dogecoin falls 29% on Elon Musk’s Saturday Night Live comments

Dogecoin fell 29% after Elon Musk’s comments on Saturday Night Live (SNL). He referred to it as a Hustle, though, in the full video (which I have included) this appears more as an awkward aside than a definitive statement. He also failed to mount a strong defence for Dogecoin during a stumbling sketch. The sketch itself was a meandering attempt to simultaneously send up the media’s inability to understand cryptocurrencies, and crypto advocates’ inability to explain crypto’s value.

I discuss the Musk’s SNL sketch and why the market reacted negatively. I also discuss more broadly issues surrounding Dogecoin.

Time stamps
* 0:00 Introduction
* 1:25 Elon Musk’s SNL comments
* 4:30 What happened to Dogecoin’s price
* 6:30 Why did dogcoin’s price fall?
* 9:34 Other thought’s on dogcoin’s value

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  1. That Shiba inu face still makes me smile lol. Most anticipated the pump and dump leading up to the snl appearance. Didn't stop people riding the hysteria though!

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