Dot and ICP technical analysis, Internet computer today, 05/22/2021.

Today we focus on two currencies, Polkadot, Dot and Internet Computer, ICP. We analyze their behavior until today 05/22/2021. Subscribe ►

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********* Summary ********* We are at a critical moment in the market. The prices are in brackets and time will tell if they are respected or drilled. Today we focus our analysis on Dot and ICP. The latter has only just started trading, but is already within the top 10 currencies with the most capitalization. We will see what the graphs tell us. ********* Index ********* 0:00 Start 0:42 Dot 7:49 ICP 14:11 Farewell.

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  1. Hoy 9 de Junio 2021 tenemos a ICP a 80 dólares .. tengo una poquitas.. las compré bastante mas caras no pensaba que bajaría tanto.. las estoy holdeando

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