OriginTrail + Polkadot Meetup │ June 11, 2021

Join Branimir Rakic from OriginTrail and Dieter Fishbein from Web3 Foundation on June 11th, at 14:30 UTC (10:30 EDT / 16:30 CEST) as they share their insights on the #multichain #Polkadot and #OriginTrail ecosystems.

They will be speaking about:
🔸 The upcoming Kusama and Polkadot #parachain auctions,
🔸 OriginTrail Parachain and Decentralized Knowledge Graph,
🔸 And how OriginTrail and Polkadot will work together 🤝 to link trusted data across different systems and bring a new kind of knowledge economy to life.

Make sure you set your reminders 🔔 and see you on Friday!

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