Safemoon News – Blockchain, Certik Audit and more secrets (MUST WATCH)

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► 8 Things you NEED to know about SAFEMOON (MUST WATCH): ► How to buy Safemoon (EASY): Hey Guys, in this video I tell you the news that the Safemoon team brought us this week, with some extra news that came out on twitter and on their reddit these last few days. Please support the content by giving a thumbs up and subscribing to the channel as it helps a lot for this content to be spread to more people in the country. If you have any questions please ask in the comments and I will respond as soon as possible. Note This is not financial advice! __ Topics: 1- Number of Holders 2- Taunt to Binance 3- Certik Audit Result 4- Mooncraft Beta-Testers 5- Safemoon Wallet 6- Final Steps in Partnership with Simplex 7- Brokers with Phase 1 Tokenomics 8- What the FUD? Real-time reflections 9- Hardwallet release 10- Pre-recorded AMA? CTO/CBO Presence Thomas Smith 11- Safemoon Exchange 12- CEO lands in Gambia (Operation Phoenix) 13- MyCryptoCheckout accepts Safemoon 14- Thomas Smith and Anndy Lian 15- Confirmed Blockchain + Bridges __ Interesting Links Safemoon’s official website:

Safemoon Certik Audit:

Because a blockchain is great news:

Post on the potential of the “unbanked” market:

Anndy Lian congratulating CBO Thomas:

Safemoon confirmation on MyCryptoCheckout: .

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